5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Beautify Your Home for Spring

Spring home improvement ideasPlanning to sell your home this Spring?

You don’t have to break the bank to improve your home’s curb appeal and get it ready for the Spring real estate market.

Here are 5 Spring home improvement projects that typically cost less than $1,000 each — and can help your home sell faster.

Repair Siding

Have harsh winter weather conditions, hail and moisture damaged your siding? Repairing damaged sections of your home’s siding can improve your home’s appearance curb appeal, while also preventing more costly problems like rotting wood that could necessitate further repair.

The average cost to repair siding of ranges from $300 for minor repair to $1,000 for more substantial repairs.

Should You Do It Yourself?

In many cases, aluminum and vinyl siding can be easily repaired by most homeowners. Dents can be popped out of aluminum, and cracked or broken boards can be removed and replaced fairly easily, once you find the matching color and siding material.

On the other hand, wood siding, masonite, brick, and fiber cement siding repairs are best delegated to professional contractors to ensure the job is done right. In the long run, it is more cost effective to have a professional do these kinds of repairs than attempt to do them yourself.

Paint Your Front Door

Front DoorYour front door should present a welcoming and well-maintained appearance to potential home buyers. If the paint on your front door has peeled, cracked or faded, it doesn’t cost much or take a lot of time to repaint your door and boost your home’s curb appeal.

On average, repainting doors costs about $100 per door, and can range from $20 – $300 depending on the size of your door and the quality of paint you choose.

Investing in high quality enamel paint will save you money over the long run, as high-quality paint does not need to be touched up as frequently as low-quality paint. If you’re comfortable painting the door yourself, be sure to use a primer and two coats of paint to ensure the best outcome.

If the door has windows, glass inserts, or a lot of carvings and features, it will probably be more cost effective to hire a professional painter to do the job right. approach.

Stain Your Deck

stain decksSnow, ice and freezing rain can do a lot of damage to the stain and finish of wood decks. Stain enhances the appearance of your deck and helps prevent the wood from absorbing moisture that will cause the wood to rot over time. If your deck’s stain has begun to peel and show the wood through in places, it’s time to put on a new coat of stain. A fresh coat of wood stain will protect your deck from harsh weather and improve your home’s curb appeal.

The average cost of staining a deck is around $2 per square foot, or $400 for an average size deck.

Your deck will need to be power washed before it can be stained, and you will want to give the wood plenty of time to dry before applying the new stain. You can save time and money by doing the power washing yourself. Then schedule a professional contractor to finish the deck staining work after the deck has dried. Most deck staining pros will take about 4-5 hours to do the job.

If you decide to perform the deck staining yourself, you will need to rent or purchase a power washer to thoroughly clean the deck. You’ll also need to remove old, peeling stain, and apply at least two coats to ensure good coverage.

Clean Air Ducts

Spring is a good time to get your air ducts cleaned — especially if you’ve had any construction work done indoors which could lead to dust and debris build up inside your air ducts and reduce your HVAC system’s efficiency. If you or your family suffer from allergies, cleaning out the ducts periodically can help improve your indoor air quality.

Air duct cleaning typically costs between $200 for a small house to $900 for older ductwork that may need some upgrades done at the same time.

Changing your air filters regularly on your HVAC system will help prevent dust and dirt build up in your ducts. You should change these seasonally at a minimum, but some brands recommend changing them monthly. Remove your filter and hold it up to the light; if you can’t see through it, it’s time to replace it. Clean and wipe down your grates periodically as well to help get rid of buildup that could be falling into the ducts, necessitating their cleaning.

Special equipment and expertise are required to clean out the ducts properly. This is a job you should leave to the professionals.

Fertilize Your Lawn

A lush, green lawn also enhances your home’s curb appeal. Fertilizing your lawn in the Spring months gives it the nutrients it needs to grow. Some fertilizers can also help eliminate weeds, and improve the overall quality of your lawn at the same time, so it requires less water or maintenance in the future.

The average cost to fertilize your lawn is around $.03 a square foot, To get the most out of your fertilizer, water your lawn either early in the morning or late in the evening to prevent the sun from drying out both your grass and the fertilizer at the same time. If you have your lawn professionally serviced regularly, ask about bundling in fertilization with other services such as mowing to help reduce costs.

Most homeowners are capable of fertilizing their lawns themselves. All you need is a spreader and the physical capability to traverse your entire lawn. If your yard has lots of steep hills or other obstacles, it may make sense to hire a professional to do the job for you.

Preparing your home to sell quickly in the springtime doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Follow these tips to improve your home’s curb appeal to prospective home buyers.

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